ALODEYÁ (Aragon)  | “Aware”

  • Circus / Dance (60 min).
  • All audiences.

Aware is the Japanese concept that tells us about the beauty and importance of the
ephemeral. A fusion of theatre, circus, dance and music. Aware offers an experience
where you can connect with fragility, love, struggle, tenderness, strength, joy… through
relationships between characters that are presented using languages such as acrodance,
slackline, masts and juggling.

Music is used as the central plot arc of the show to create this story. An eclectic musical section featuring kora, txalaparta, piano, drums, kalimba and the mouth harp.

Subsidized show within the cross-border project « TRAVESÍA – PIRINEOS DE CIRCO ».

ARRIERA (The Basque Country) | “EDEN”

  • Scenic installation (2 h) and multidisciplinary show (40 min).
  • All audiences.

EDEN is a wordless collage show combining object theatre, multi-instrumental music , masked dance and artistic creation on stage. It is a sensory generator where the visual, the aural and the olfactory are entangled with poetry.

It is also a collection of stray peep-holes through which you can browse; the only thing you need to fully enjoy paradise is curiosity. It offers a dialogue between the human figure and materials, between the object and the environment. EDEN’s raw materials are body, mud, paper, masks, puppets, musical instrumentS ANd elements found in nature.

The smell is another element that is incorporated into this creation of new worlds. Smell of woods, fresh grass, the earth before the storm, the apple about to be picked. EDEN also regains the charm of the tutilimundis or new worlds, roaming street shows.

Winning project of the fourth call for assistance from the “KARRIKAN” platform

BALBÀL COMPANY (Belgium) | “Ninguna palabra”

  • Circus (20 min).
  • 5 years and older.

The sky frame, its location, the central point, is the starting point for your imagination. From the heights they tell a series of stories, changing emotions, feelings of freedom and flight, surging with adrenaline.

With their aerial acrobatics, they share with the public their world and their point of view, a laboratory of suspended bodily states.

Subsidized show within the cross-border project « TRAVESÍA – PIRINEOS DE CIRCO ».

BARSANTI CIA (The Basque Country)) | “PIN, PAN, PUN Sergio eta Erramun”

  • Street theatre (15 min).
  • All audiences.

Sergio and Ramón are two riot police officers sent to the square with orders to stop the
botellón that is held there.

When they arrive, they realize that the party is actually a street theatre show. So, they show solidarity with the event, as they are keen theatre lovers. They explain the safety protocols (masks, social distancing, hand-washing) in a fun and playful way, so everything goes well.

We’ll see how these two characters fit into the ‘new normal’ and how this short, educational and fun action ends.

“BONI” eta JUAN PALOMO (The Basque Country)

  • Clown – Circus (4 h).
  • All audiences.

“Boni” and Juan Palomo are street performers; they also function as an information point and they create a close and direct relationship with everyone who passes by their posts, playing that fine line between clientele and audience.

With his cries of “Al barqui, barqui, barqui”, “Boni” appears with his kettle drum and starts the process of spinning the roulette to determine the number of corresponding barquillos [wafers], all combined with a good dose of clowning around. Juan Palomo, on the other hand, from his popcorn booth, gets the passers by to try and buy the most exquisite popcorn, flavoured with circus and humour and seasoned with a sprinkle of salt.

BUCRAÀ CIRCUS (Catalonia) | “El gran final”

  • Clown / Theatre (60 min).
  • All audiences.

El Gran Final is a tragicomedy based on the reunion of two clowns, separated many years ago by the outbreak of civil war. The war interrupted their last performance just before the last act. Conflict forced them to take separate paths and never have contact with each other again.

Now, after more than 30 years of constant daily struggle for survival, and with aging bodies, they meet again and decide to perform their Grand Finale. A homage to one of the most beautiful and generous trades in the world. The trade of being a clown. To feel, to create a dialogue with the public through emotions, where words are unnecessary.

A collective imaginary that clowns throughout the ages have gifted us.

CLAIRE DUCREUX & TONI MIRA (Catalonia) | “Avec le temps”

  • Dance/Visual (30 min).
  • All audiences.

She’s recently become blind. As much as he can, he accompanies her. With tenderness, confidence and humour she learns to navigate a world that she can no longer see and which he must learn to see for them both.

Their days are a mix of routines and memories, dancing between sadness and joy. One person transformed into a duo thanks to the presence of her accomplice, who is her technician, her companion and her guardian angel, guiding and protecting her on her journey in the darkness.

COMPAÑÍA DE CIRCO « eia » (Catalonia) | “Espera”

  • Circus (60 min).
  • 6 years and older.

A few small structures, a trampoline, a balance and four men… Four acrobats who observe, study, collide, throw each other around and transport us in their metaphorical journey: encounters, rivalries, feats, falls, power-taking, seduction, manipulation; an “intarsia” [intertwining] of life fragments that mirror human relationships. A continually moving circus; a powerful, poetic, fun and human spectacle.

A moment that awakens a sincere affection for this strange beast that is the human being.

COMPAÑÍA DE CIRCO «eia» (Catalonia) | “inTarsi”

  • Circus (45 min).
  • All audiences.

Espera is a circus show about expectations, hope and the passage of time. Starting from the archetypes of the collective imaginary, they take the public on a journey that unites the cutting edge acrobatics with the timeless language of popular traditions and rituals. The result is a street circus show, which offers the public an up-close artistic experience, in which they will want to participate in first person and not just be spectators who watch without being seen.
The starting point is the need for human beings to come together around something we have in common.

Sharing fears, hopes, and other basic emotions in a group can be very powerful as long as you don’t exceed the subtle limit of simplicity. Delicacy becomes an indispensable tool for dealing with personal issues and thereby gaining the trust of the public. We want you to feel invited to share and not forced to participate in something you don’t want to. In this sense, the circus offers a channel of direct and truthful communication; it contains in its essence indispensable elements for reaching this goal such as trust, risk, fragility and self-irony.

DARAOMAÏ CIE (France) | “Corps de bois”

  • Circus (45 min).
  • 4 years and older.

He falls and falls again. His illogical and fragmented body seeks the balance it has lost. She narrates, commands. She spins around on the Chinese pole like the thoughts in her mind. An endless movement until falling into a hole.

These fragile bodies, trying to tame their anomalies, lead us into a poetic and burlesque world where even acrobatics is absurd. An experience from which they will not emerge unscathed. Corps de bois speaks of a feat, of those who fall to rise up with tenacity, of accepting a body that defies the norms.

Subsidized show within the cross-border project « TRAVESÍA – PIRINEOS DE CIRCO ».

DEABRU BELTZAK (The Basque Country) | “Diberti-dantza”

  • Street theatre (20 min).
  • All audiences.

A boring crowd in the town plaza? Are parents too busy holding their cell phone and a glass? Diberti-dantza bursts into plaza to sort it out. With a special formula composed of music, games and dance they will turn the square upside down!

Thanks to Diberti-dantza, everyone from children to pensioners will enjoy this show.

EL MONO HABITADO (The Basque Country) | “Benditas

  • Street theatre (20 min).
  • All audiences.

Two shepherdesses in the field with their flocks have – or believe they have – various “altercations” with beings that emerge from the sky. An apparition of Mary, a UFO sighting and spy satellites are the perfect excuse to talk about humanity and its future, about philosophy, evolution, feminism and the cold war, but above all about life – their lives and those of the flock that observes them – but always from their particular point of view.

The contrast between the earthly and the heavenly is the guiding thread of the show. Benditas is a delirious mix of fleas and miracles, with humour and affection as fundamental ingredients and a critical look at the role of women in history.

ELÉCTRICO 28 (Catalonia / Austria) | “Full House

  • Street theatre (50 min).
  • All audiences

Without words and through physical theatre and live music, the show explains the story
of the Koala, Dog and Horse, next door neighbours in the same building.

Koala is in love with the world. Dog is a loner, passionate about classical music. The energetic Horse always has four dishes cooking at the same time. They are so engrossed in themselves and their day to day that they are not aware of the existence of the others. One day, Tiger arrives in the community and invites all the other tenants to a party.

From that moment, everything starts to change. A modern fable about urban cohabitation, difference and overcoming prejudices.

ERRE PRODUKZIOAK (The Basque Country) | “Piraten istorio bat”

  • Street theatre (50 min).
  • From 3 to 9 years.

Jeff has taken his friend Charlie fishing at the pier. Jeff is a great fisherman and every time he casts his rod, he catches a fish. Charlie, on the other hand, spends hours without even getting a bite. As the tide drops, Charlie spots a semi-buried chest in the sand.

They open it and discover a map and a travel diary. They start reading the diary and live the adventures of a real pirate story. A journey where children will discover the calamities of the wild seas, the magic of the night and the power of friendship. Piraten istorio bat is a physical, agile, fun and family-friendly show.

HIKA TEATROA (The Basque Country) | “Tonbola”

  • Street theatre / Dance (50 min).
  • Adult public.

No matter who you are, what you are, or what you want to be. The tombola decides for you! A poetic cabaret which, unlike Europe, does not understand borders. Based on the idea that “life is a tombola,” this show tells the story of what a family and their goat must do to survive in Europe.

Everything is a lottery: Work contracts for collecting olives, families for Denmark, toasters,
“made in Libya” dingies and, in addition, a gold card redeemable for invitations to participate in Eurovision.

KUKAI DANTZA (The Basque Country) | “Kirol legez / Fair play”

  • Dance (40 min).
  • All audiences.

The bounce of the ball and the leaps of the dance. Passes and goals. The dancefloor and the pitch.

Football and dance. Values and a way of life come together in this show represented in a
football field turned into stage. Respect, humility, effort, teamwork… they are the basis of the dressing room, the stage and the pitch.

In sport and art. Players merge with their environment and become part of the community and its identity. Kirol legez / Fair Play is a show performed by six dancers and live DJ, set on a playing field installed in a plaza with the public located on all four sides.

LA BALDUFA (Catalonia) | “Bye bye, Confetti”

  • Clown (55 min).
  • 8 years and olders.

Three clowns mourn the death of their leader, Confetti. The absence of the spiritual father who guided them is palpable.

The vacuum he left is absolute.
The lack of leadership makes them uncomfortable, overwhelms them, mortifies them: Desolation.
Should anyone replace him? Once the mourning is over, the hustle and bustle to find a new guru begins. An extravagant, authentic clown show with no room for half measures. Humour and love, in equal parts. But above all, surprise and shock, in a space where they breathe the same emotions.

*Invitation only show. Can be purchased (maximum two per person) from the Festival Information Office located in El Arenal on 26th September (11:30-14:00 / 17:00-20:00)

LA GLO ZIRKO DANTZA KONPAINIA (The Basque Country) | “Sacred”

  • Vertical Dance (30 min).
  • All audiences.

From the deepest sea to the farthest galaxies, everything is connected. This is the sacred bond that unites us. It is the heritage of time, the seed of creation that we all carry within. In Sacred we take a journey through all these divine geometries that give our lives character.

A dance and projection show that invites you to reflect on the note that vibrates inside, within the score of the heartbeat of the universe.

LEANDRE (Catalonia) | “Rien à dire

  • Clown (50 min).
  • All audiences.

Like an emotional vagrant in search of love, Leand recreates the silhouette of his house and welcomes us to share a piece of his life.

He is alone, but his door remains open and invites us to enter a world full of poetry where everything acquires a different meaning. And misery becomes magic. Everything becomes possible. Humour is ever-present and irony is always tender.

Come on in! You will experience a moment of eternity that you will not forget! Circo Ciutat de Barcelona Prize and Circo de Catalunya Prize for best staging.

MADUIXA CIA. (Valencian Community)) | “Mulïer”

  • Dance (40 min).
  • All audiences.

Winner of best premiere of street arts at the Moritz Fira Tàrrega Awards 2016; best show at the Umore Azoka 2017 and best musical composition and best street show at the Max awards 2017. Mulïer is dance on stilts, balance, movement, poetry, strength and emotions.
A tribute to all the women who, during centuries of oppression, have fought and continue to fight to keep their wild self alive, and who claim their right to dance and run freely through the streets and squares of our society.

MARKELIÑE (The Basque Country) | “PSIKE

  • Street theatre (60 min).
  • All audiences.

PSIKE takes a journey through the hidden interior of any person who faces that other radical self dwelling within us and us and who produces our drive, dreams, desires, pain and pleasure. It is a fast-paced spectacle that caresses surrealism and absurd theatre.

Nothing seems to make sense in this brainteaser that is life.
That space of conflict and permanent neurosis in which one’s character is found is reflected through visual narrative, voice games, dance and song,. Our fragility and vulnerability in the face of unexpected events are developed with humour and emotion.

MYSTÉRIEUSES COIFFURES (Northern Basque Country) – | “El mundo de los colores”

  • Instalación (all afternoon).
  • All audiences.

The Mystérieuses Coiffures company returns to the Bilboko Kalealdia for this unique edition.

In the spring of 2020 the world stopped spinning, so the artist plunged into an inner journey, with eyes and heart full of colours, which explode on the canvas. The “mysterious hairstyles” and the “funny paintings” will be the colours that light up Doña Casilda Park. “Turn off the grey in your life and light the colours inside you.” Pablo Picasso.

NOM PROVISIONAL (Catalonia) | Qui cu qui què quina”

  • Circus (40 min).
  • All audiences.

Two people have to share a single space in order to continue their journey. They are doomed to spiral round and round in ever-decreasing circles until they find a way to get along.

But the connection of their individual universes will create a world full of absurdities, and the answers are never simple when it comes to finding the middle ground. Qui cu qui quèquina is a game of connections between the artists and the audience. All living beings have electricity. What happens if we connect? What would we hear if we could listen to the connection between people?

Subsidized show within the cross-border project « TRAVESÍA – PIRINEOS DE CIRCO ».

ORGANIK DANTZA – ANTZERKI (The Basque Country) | “Sardina freskue!”

  • Dance / Street theatre (30 min).
  • 6 years and older.

Sardina freskue! Continues the company’s interest in the world of the sea and the place of women in it. After the net-makers, it is now the turn of the sardineras of santurce. A profession whose legacy is a popular song known in all corners of the peninsula and beyond. We wish to pay tribute to them so that we do not forget their esteemed work and great charisma; for this reason the smell of sardines will be one of the protagonists during the show. Sardina freskue! Is a piece of fresh, aromatic and humorous dance-theatre in which audience participation will be needed.

And the public, if they so wish, will have the opportunity to make decisions based on
the performers’ suggestions.

XAMPATITO PATO (Galicia) | “Só.”

  • Circus (50 min).
  • Three years and older.

The Galician juggler Jesús Velasco presents a piece that is the result of his research of a lesser known technique rarely used as the starting point of an entire show: The “cigar boxes” or juggling boxes.
So, although the work contains juggling and performing with other objects, such as juggling balls and so on, it will be these boxes that provide the aesthetic, the narrative and the atmosphere of the show.
He is a fun and endearing character who lives in this cubic world and who, through play, escapes from monotony.

YTUQUEPINTAS CIA (Catalonia)“Jojo”

  • Street theatre (55 min).
  • 5 years and older.

Jojo (in memory of the first orang-utan rescued from captivity) is the story of an orangutan which invites us to reflect on the fragility of the ecosystem and its delicate balance if it is damaged by human beings.
Jojo, the company’s second show, is a beautiful scenic display of visual poetry, without words. It tells us an incredible adventure using sand (a favoured technique of the Ytuquepintas company) and puppets, combining both techniques.


The music, composed especially for this
show and performed live, ends up shaping Jojo, a very attractive show for all audiences.

ZANGUANGO TEATRO (The Basque Country) | “Bestaldean

  • Street theatre (60 min).
  • 14 years and older.

When we see a curtain we know that what we are going to see on the other side is fiction and we hope that it will help us understand, forget or bear the reality on this side. But what if we put a curtain on reality and treat it as fiction? Suddenly the boundaries between the two disappear and we find new visions or versions of what we are.


The characters take to the streets with a portable backdrop, discovering magical and bewildering facets of everyday scenes that they find along the way. Developing the ideas opened up in their previous show Flux, Al otro lado [On the Other Side] offers a simple but inexhaustible device that traps passers-by, drawing them lucidly and playfully, turning them into involuntary actresses and actors in a real and imagined story that is constructed as the show progresses.
A journey through the multifaceted life of the city, focusing on it from surprising points of view with the humour and irony of a zanguango.